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Jerry’s contemporary, baritone voice and clear, general U.S. accent are ideal for virtually any project requiring a male voice. A science teacher and public speaker for over 20 years, Jerry discovered a passion for acting, and voice acting in particular. His warm, friendly, confident, and genuine vocal style is adaptable to tones ranging from playful to conversational to business-like, yet it always remains authentic.

Jerry’s background in education taught him to deeply understand the importance of words and to convey their meanings clearly and accurately. His acting experience taught him how to convey the emotions behind words, and he acutely understands when and where to emphasize just the right word or phrase. His extensive background in both the life and physical sciences gives him mastery of complex technical and scientific terms, yet he is equally adept at telling compelling stories with conventional language. Using these skills, he will breathe life into your project.

When not fulfilling your voice-over needs, Jerry can be found around St. George, Utah performing with Improv Dixie, drumming with the classic-rock band Black Sabbatical, doing origami, and spending time with his family (not necessarily in that order).

  • Infomercials

  • Internet & Web

  • Medical Narration

  • Podcasts

  • Promo & Trailers

  • PSAs

  • Science Narration

  • Telephony/IVR

  • Video Games

           ...and more!


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